Methods to Reduce Lead Exposure in Pregnant Women: Do's and Don'ts

(It is required under New York State law that you receive the following information on lead exposure)


  • Do discuss with your employer ways to reduce possible lead exposure on the job.
  • Do damp mop and damp dust rather than sweep and dry dust.
  • Do avoid drinking acidic liquids from imported ceramic cups, mugs or from leaded crystal.
  • Do avoid the use of traditional folk remedies or cosmetics which might contain lead.
  • Do avoid lead-related crafts to avoid exposure to lead.
  • Do wash hands thoroughly before meal preparation.
  • Do run water from the faucet for at least a minute until it runs cold before collecting for drinking and cooking.


  • Don't be in the home when renovations that may involve lead-based paint are taking place.
  • Don't clean-up after renovations involving lead-based paint.
  • Don't strip paint from antique furniture, such as cribs and rocking chairs.
  • Don't store food in open imported cans.